Online Rugby Betting

Australians are sport aficionados. Everyone has their favourite sporting code, team they support and sporting heroes they follow. The combination of these two popular pastimes is a dynamic, exciting and highly developed online rugby betting fraternity catering to a passionate and opinionated market. Rugby is a sport highly regarded as being perhaps the most extreme non-combat contact sport. Rugby matches are effectively a dynamic battle of physical strength, fitness and speed that is conducted on a grass field. Perhaps best appreciated by players and the legions of die-hard fans for being the very epitome of teamwork, the game is in essence a contest between two teams each trying to carry an oval-shaped ball past opponents and over a line on the field. Only the fittest, fastest and bravest triumph. This is the attraction.

Legend has it that rugby started when an Englishman, William Webb Ellis, picked up the soccer ball during a game and ran past his opponents with it in his hands. This happened in the town of Rugby, hence the name of the sport. Nowadays the sport has evolved into two distinctly separate, but intrinsically identical codes, rugby union and rugby league. Players are regarded as the very epitome of masculinity in several rugby-playing nations, which includes the Antipodes. The overall sport of rugby therefore also generates some of the very highest viewership levels in Australia, and the followers, fans and supporters are notoriously ardent, vociferous and passionate.

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Although a relative newcomer to the online betting scene, online rugby betting is currently the fastest growing sports sector within the overall wagering and sports betting phenomenon. Droves of punters place rugby bets on international matches, irrespective of union or league coding, particularly concentrating on international tournaments such as the Rugby Championship, the Six Nations and the World Cup.

The Australian rugby teams are regarded as one of the top three teams worldwide, based on their World cup triumphs, and this has naturally generated a huge following, catapulting the popularity of rugby as an entertainment spectacle. With the Australian propensity for wagering, the surge in popularity of the sport has seen a corresponding increase in the levels of rugby union betting online.


Given the incredible convenience of online and mobile betting access to wagering opportunities; rugby union betting on the outcome of your rugby teams’ matches can be done anywhere and anytime.

In addition, notwithstanding the huge popularity of the national rugby teams, new branches of the sport, namely the Super Rugby international league and the incredibly popular Sevens Rugby game, which has been gaining so much in popularity that they are due to be included as an Olympic sport from 2016, are creating new and expanded rugby betting opportunities.

Learn To Place Online Rugby Bets

The most popular rugby bets placed at internet betting sites are the single match wins, but these are generally supplemented by further winning opportunities such as point spreads, the selection of the overall tournament victor and any of a multitude of interesting options that are available at the sports betting sites listed here. There are some seriously exciting wagering options such as the performance of individual players and the selection of who the try-scorers, if any, will be. Naturally, this includes which team will score the first try, or last try, and whether conversions or drop-goals will add to the total.

Sports betting, and in this case online rugby betting, can be extremely lucrative and players are well advised to conduct as much research as possible to maximise their winning potential. Knowing the history, statistics, condition and capabilities of players and coaches, coupled with intuition and knowledge of current form, are still the best available indicators.