Best Online Totes Betting

The online betting sites of Australia are better than ever, and increasingly are offering bigger and better wagering options. Different bets are better in different situations, and choosing the most auspicious is an art that develops over time. One of the most important skills punters need to develop is selecting the best online Totes betting for different circumstances.

With Totes, also known as Pool or Pari-Mutuel Bets, every bet that has been placed on a race is grouped together and the winnings are shared among punters in accordance with the final odds. The odds can change up until the final moments of betting, because they are dependent on the pool’s size. Long shots usually pay out more than sure things because there will be more wagers on the latter, and if you feel confident about backing such a horse it can be one of the best online betting you make.

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Depending on how much you are wagering and what kind of event you are betting on, different Totes will serve you best. The more time you spend at the online Bookmakers in Australia, the better you will become at making canny punting decisions. To get you stated, we have listed the best horse racing online Totes betting here.

  • Wins and Places are the simplest bets possible, so they are a great place for beginners to start. In a Win, you need to predict who you think will win, and in a Place you must predict who you think will come second or third. The two are combined in an Each Way, and you need to name the contenders you thing will take the first three spots.
  • For Trifecta and Exacta bets, you must specify the winners of the first three and first two places, in their correct order, respectively.
  • The popular Quadpot is inexpensive but offers huge potential rewards. You need to choose horses to win or place in the third to sixth races in one day’s events.
  • The Placepot is a Quadpot variation, and you must name horses in the same way for the first six races on a specific day.
  • The Jackpot is another Quadpot variation, carrying more risk and more reward. You must successfully name the winner of the day’s first six races. A good way to lower the risk with this Tote, but still win big, is to but a small Jackpot bet in with your other wagers.
  • The Scoop6 is an exotic variation of the Jackpot, where the six races can come from anywhere in the day’s lineup and are usually very challenging.
  • The most exotic online Totes betting must be the Swinger, which requires you to name two horses to place somewhere in the first three positions. If they both do, you win and are awarded a big payout. The best returns are usually from success predictions of first-second finishes.

Best Online Totes Betting Sites

As you spend more time on the great Australian online betting sites we review here, you will get to know how your prefer to bet and find the best online totes betting and other wagers for you. These may change over time as you grow as a punter, and it is important to let this organic process happen. Wherever your internet betting journey takes you, we will always have bookmakers and wagers to recommend.