Australian NBA Betting Online

As a betting nation, Australians will bet on just about any sport, as long as it is exciting and offers good payouts. One sport that Australians have been betting on for some time now is basketball and the best basketball league in the world has to be the NBA or National Basketball Association. The NBA is not only popular in Australia, but many countries around the world other than America.

Although Australians love online cricket betting, rugby betting and horse racing betting, it certainly doesn’t mean that they don’t bet on any other sport. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The NBA season lasts from October to April every year and betting on the NBA is offered at most Australian bookies. There are 82 games played by each team and there are quite a few teams to choose from too. In the NBA, Prices and Odds can change quite frequently and often news of injury to a team member will have an effect on the NBA betting odds.

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The NBA consists of 30 teams, 29 of these teams are from the United States and one team, the Toronto Raptors, is from Canada. These 30 teams are divided into east and west and are then split up again into 6 divisions of 5. The play-offs consist of 8 teams from the east and 8 teams from the west who compete against each other for the title of ‘champions’. In NBA betting, the punter is offered NBA betting odds on both the regular season games, as well as the play-offs.

The simplest of all the NBA bets a punter can place on the NBA game is a win/lose bet, which means you bet on one team to win the game. There are also many other betting options and NBA betting strategy when you place a bet on an NBA game.

In line betting, the bookmaker chooses which team will win the game and then predicts by what ‘line’ the chosen team will win by. The punter can make a bet on whether the underdog team will finish within the bookies margin, or if it will win the game. All Australians who bet on the NRL betting or the AFL betting, will know about line betting. There are some really great NBA betting odds in line betting on the NBA.

Halftime NBA Sports Betting

This is basically a bet which allows the punter to place a bet on which team will be leading at halftime. This bet can also be made for quarter and three quarter time too.

Over/Under NBA Bets

This type of NBA bets allows the punter to bet on the aggregate of one game, and NBA betting odds are offered on whether or not the aggregate will be higher or lower than the predicted score.

Online NBA Betting Predictions

As the name suggests, this type of NBA betting allows the punter to predict who will be the champions in advance. These NBA bets can be made months before the game takes place and the betting odds on these NBA bets are very good indeed.

Watching NBA basketball is very exciting and it’s even more exciting to watch when you have placed a bet on a game. If you enjoy basketball then you will really enjoy NBA betting too. Choose one of our top Australian online betting sites that offer NBA punts and start winning big today!