Betting on US PGA Golf

Australian bettors will benefit greatly from having a sound betting strategy together with discipline, this is the key to not only enjoying betting on golf but can also be a great way to make some extra cash.  With the introduction of online betting Australian bettors can now easily place bets on all the major golfing tournaments around the world and take advantage of US Open Betting, US PGA Betting and PGA Tour Betting.  They will also have the opportunity to place various bets on their US Open Favourites.

The PGA Tour is one of the two main tours on the world’s golfing schedule and is played mainly in the US with some events played in Asia or South America.  Most of the golfers on the Tour are US born who play against other golfing greats of the world.  The golfing greats are drawn to these prestigious golfing events because of the prize money, which is usually substantial as well as the points they can receive to move up the golfing ranks.

US PGA Betting Sites

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Understanding Golf Betting Odds

When betting on a golfing event such as USA PGA golf there are usually more than 140 players so US Open Betting and US PGA Betting can become expensive if proper research is not done.  Every Australian bettor will have their favourites and besides Tiger Woods there are very few golfers in this day that get less than 4.0 for any tournament.

When PGA Tour Betting or any of the other major events a golfers performance often fluctuates and this is great for Australian bettors.  A golfer that has 26.0 one week may under perform and not make the cut and end up with 61.0 which allows for a bettor placing each way bets more value.  To be successful at USA PGA Betting Australian bettors need to understand the golf betting odds the same way the come to learn and understand tennis betting odds.  A golfer that has odds of 34.0 to win reflects what the bookie predicts the golfer’s chances are of winning.

Types of Golfing Bets

Once a bettor understands the odds it is important to know which type of bets to make.

Each way betting is placing a bet on a particular player to win a tournament and then placing the same bet on the same player who finishes the tournament placed.  The place will be determined by the bookie with US Open Betting, USA PGA Betting and PGA Tour Betting.  To get the best US Open Betting Odds bettors should always shop around to find a bookie offering the best odds.

The simplest and most popular bet is predicting which player will win a tournament, if a bettors bet is correct they win, if not they lose.

Golf match bets can be placed on which player will get the lowest score from a two or three ball group or it can be a match-up between two players playing the same course, but from different groupings.  This is a good alternative and can be an exciting PGA Tour Betting option if the players are going head to head with an opposing player.

Top nationality betting offers something different from the usual bets.  These bets can be interesting if there are only a few players from a country, which means the chosen player only has to out play a few players from the same country.  This type of bet becomes more difficult when it comes to US PGA Betting as there are too many players to make it a valuable bet.

USA PGA Golf is a highlight for any golf fans around the world and offers great betting opportunities. If you are looking for something new and exciting to bet on, then join the thousands of punters who enjoy betting on US PGA golf in Australia using one of our online betting sportbooks now!