Australian Horse Racing Tips

Betting on horse races has been popular all over the world for many years, and has proven to be just as much of a favourite in the online betting sites in Australia. Deciding how to bet and who to back is just as much a part of the experience as breathlessly watching to see if your horse wins, and reliable horse racing betting tips can prove very useful to punters. These can be found in many online chatrooms and forums, but they must be trustworthy and then be judiciously applied. If you are interested in learning how to do this, the guidelines we provide here are a great starting point.

It sounds obvious, but making sure you understand the bets available to you is so important that it is worth saying again. With a firm grasp of your options, you can combine them with any horse racing tips that come your way and make canny decisions. To this end, the main punting options are outlined below.

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  • For Win and Place bets, you need to predict the horse that will come first, or second or third, respectively. Many bets are also based on these straight wagers.
  • There are also several exotic bets including Exactas, First Four wagers, Trifectas, Quadrellas and Quinellas.
  • As you develop your confidence, you may want to run a series of wagers across different races at the same time, using multi bets such as Parlays, Doubles and Trebles.
  • Besides these standard bets, special wagers are sometimes run on specific events and can be very rewarding.

Knowing as many facts as possible is always helpful when you are making important decisions, and statistical information on horse races is easy to find. Find out as much as possible about the win/loss percentages, winning and losing streaks and any other pertinent numbers relating to the horse and the jockey. They work as a unit, so you need to know about the performance of both and consider how they will work together. You should also find out the particulars of the track being run, as some animals run better on certain tracks than others.

Online Horse Racing Betting Tips

With all the information in hand, check the horse racing betting tips you can find online. Choose sites and forums that have a lot of traffic and favourable comments, and make small bets when you are getting to know a source. If they prove successful a few times, you can consider staking more. You will also learn more about horses, jockeys and tracks as you go along, and can consider the tips in light of what you know when making your decisions.

The Odds of Betting on Horse Racing

The final essential consideration in your punting decisions is weighing the odds. Backing sure winners does not necessarily guarantee large winnings. If you get wind of horse racing betting tips that you trust on long shots, you might choose to play the odds and hope to gain big windfalls. Alternatively, you might feel unsure and want to back a sure thing. Every situation is different and requires individual assessment.

Develop a Horse Racing Betting Strategy

The more you play and win, the easier it becomes to develop your own sports betting strategy. We offer a great sports betting guide to help you enjoy the benefits of internet betting. Our last piece of advice is to listen to your own gut feelings as well. While you should never make emotional decisions when backing a horse, your inner voice is also important and should be listened to. A canny combination of information and instinct will take you far.